OPS-Overseas Pakistanis Society was established over a decade ago and eventually incorporated in the State of New York in year 2023.

A diverse group of individuals from across United States and Europe work together to highlight the challenges, issues, services and contributions of Pakistani diaspora while collaborating on various projects and initiatives through which OPS can identify current issues and find ways to recommend solutions.

Recognizing the fact that overseas Pakistanis are contributing significantly in their respective adopted homelands, OPS taps their potentials to help alleviate poverty in Pakistan, creating better education opportunities, help Pakistanis in Social and Humanitarian sectors.

Over the years, OPS has worked with prominent American think tanks in Washington DC & Houston, Texas to discuss matters ranging from voting rights to Energy crisis in Pakistan.

OPS recently collaborated with President of Pakistan to help identify accomplished Pakistanis from around the world to award them the “Presidential Medals of Excellence”. Medal recipients were from the fields of Science, Technology, IT, Politics, Philanthropy, Academia, and Various other Business backgrounds.

OPS Chairman, Dawood Ghazanavi and its President, Imran Igra, collaborated with MALA(Muslim American Leadership Alliance) to secure a first ever UN Parallel event to discuss Pak US relations. Event received huge appreciation especially because it was attended by Ex Ambassador Robin Raphel, Sec Elizabeth Horst from the State Department and the UN representatives. Intense discussion suggested solutions for the people of Pakistan and got huge media coverage in and out of the United States.

OPS, in near future has in its plans to host events on Economy, Security, establishment of democracy, human development, poverty eradication measures and food security to name a few.

Majority of leadership of OPS consist of Pakistani American of diverse backgrounds whose prime focus remains to be to highlight what and why certain initiatives needed to be taken that align with the policies of United States.

Pakistan being a strategic ally of America, US has done tremendous work and invested unprecedented amounts of resources for uplifting Pakistanis over the course of seven decades. OPS will focus mostly on people diplomacy to improve bilateral relations.

OPS will continue to highlight areas where Pakistan and America can establish even better relations and build stronger trusting bilateral bond that will creat a win win outcome for both the nations.

OPS- Overseas Pakistanis Society is a 501 c(3), not for profit organization.